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Smart (Safe and Green) Home

Mortimer's Lodge provides a blend of history and modern comfort. Conscious of our environment, we endeavour to ensure our utility consumption is carbon-neutral.

For a period dwelling, you are in an environmentally-friendly property. 

To ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient, we have enabled the property to be a 'Smart Home'. Using Google Home and Kogan SmarterHome, several lights are operated by voice command. Most rooms have Google Nests or Displays, so you can check the weather, listen to your favourite radio stations or music. Google Chromecast enables you to watch your own streaming services from your own device, or use the streaming services already on the TV menu. 

Goolge Nest.jpg

Google Nests are located on the external verandahs, living room, Cellar Door room and the Second Guest room. Google Nest Hubs (screens) are located in the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom. 

Google ChromeCast is attached to the TV in the Living Room. 

If you are unfamiliar with Google Home, then try it !

Say something like, 'Hey Google ! Whats the weather in Rutherglen ?' 


'Hey Google ! Turn on all kitchen lights'

'Hey Google ! Play Van Morrison'

If you experience any issues, don't worry. All ceiling lights are operated the good old fashioned way with the period light switches on the wall, and you can always contact the owner.

For everyone's peace of mind and security, we do have external cameras to monitor arrivals, deliveries and the weather.

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