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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Property History 


Thanks to the  property's  previous owner, who started researching its past, we have continued to explore and uncover the stories and connections with several of the previous owners, and one that has a tenuous link to Ned Kelly, and another to a Prime Minister of Australia.

Local connections

Long-lasting legacy

Our cottage has a rich history, having connections  with several influential locals, the local wine industry, mining, agriculture, medicine, engineering and politics.

We have captured the links with previous owners, and the legacy and stories they leave behind, and have linked these to items in the cottage for extra realism. You might spot Dr Harkin's bag in the hallway, or a narrow vineyard plough in the garden made at Wain's engineering and blacksmiths shop. Or maybe the chemists jars are a nod to McEwen's pharmacy in Conness Street. You'll find abundant connections to the historic wine region of Rutherglen and Chiltern. It was Mortimer Gleeson himself who established Mt Ophir Estate, and Dr Harkin established Chiltern Vineyard, so its no surprise that the Lodge has its own underground cellar. 

Click on the names below to learn more about the individuals who owned this property & the legacy they left behind : 
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