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John McMillen

John McMillen was born in Northern Ireland in 1850 to parents Samuel and Mary (nee Curry) McMillen. He migrated to Australia in 1889 with his sister Saidie, who was married to David James McEwen.

Dentistry at McEwens Pharmacy_6 July 1895.png
Dow's Pharmacy.jpg

McEwen's Pharmacy was later owned and operated by Hilda & Roy Dow in 1930. This photo circa 1950 (?). It is now owned by the National Trust.

It was not uncommon for travelling dentists to temporarily practice at Pharmacies. 

John married Cecilia Williames in 1895, and they would have 4 children – all born at 24 Oxford Street. They were Frederick (b. 1895), John Vivian (b. 1897), David (b. 1899) and Saidie (b. 1900). Sadly Frederick and John died as infants. Saidie, named after John’s sister, would go on to live until 1992.  John died after a long illness on 21st February, 1916. Survived by wife Cecilia, who would live on until her passing in Toorak on 5th September 1950. Very little is known about surviving son, David. Saidie (m. McKillop) died on 21st March 1992

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